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BCW help you to Protect your Phone battery from Overcharging.
It lets you to set alarm at particular charging level of Battery.
It will display a warning message and will continuously play the Tone until you stop it or plug… Continue reading

Accelerate the performance of your android phone with easy and light, you can control the memory and performance of your android phone quickly and easily

This application was created with a simple to be easy to use in accordance with… Continue reading

Heard of the Flappy bird game? This is not it.

This is ZAPPY Bird. So far, it has reviewed nothing but positive comments.

Dare to take the challenge? Free download.

Ever wished you could give that irritating little flappy bird… Continue reading

For those who love car racing games. Mostly good reviews for this 3D game app.

It has all the characteristics of a good car racing game. Comes with challenging levels to unlock. Of course, to help you unlock new levels,… Continue reading

If you want to be entertained, we give you the best way to entertain yourself. Download our new Online Videos free app and watch all the latest videos online. Now you can enjoy right where you are. Let the fine HD picture quality give you an amazing video experience. Continue reading
If you like Tower Defense game, here is a new one, available for free. This APK is submitted by Joy, from Mangolee Production. The game combines RPG and tower defense game play based on the Three Kingdoms. It has received good reviews so far. Do check it out. I know I will. Continue reading

A really fun and adrenalin pumping game. The bad reviews…just ignore them. Excellent games sometimes get bad reviews because there are always people out there who don’t know how to appreciate a good game.

This game features first person gaming… Continue reading

Excellent graphics. If you enjoy 3D racing, this is a must try. You can play with live opponents. The game is a little buggy at the moment, so we recommend trying this out for free. You can enjoy the game play and check out the ULTRA cool cars. It has all the elements of a great car game and shows good promise. Continue reading
Whoever thought Stickman can also play soccer. Well, they can. Check out this stickman soccer game. I guarantee you, the animation will make you laugh. Since this is a stickman game, it means there is less drag on the mobile device. Expect smooth animation. Conquer the World Cup! Continue reading
The concept of this game is excellent. It's simply and easy to understand. Your friend has been kidnapped. Now, your goal is to rescue him as the stickman (the main character in this game). This game requires a little thinking to solve the puzzling scenario. A good mind teaser. But it's better that you play this on a tablet as the game requires touching the right spots. That's harder to do on a phone. Enjoy! Continue reading
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Android Tablets sometimes don't have access to the Android Marketplace. In this situation, the only way to load an application is manually. The idea behind this website is to give you a description and download link for Android APK files, and a method to install the software onto your Tablet.