Android APK

Google updated their app available as an android apk – it turned up last thing on the 17th of March with new version 5.11. Some pretty subtle changes but some quite important if you look carefully. Some new UI and functionalities here and there. The main area that has changed is the app drawer.

Here is what the old version looked like, new one on the next slide:

google app drawer

More On Android Phones

Android Business Mobile Phones

Having to trawl through hundreds of cell phone plans, trying to find the best cell phone package is a nightmare. There are literally thousands and thousands of plans to choose from and 100s of websites to compare service plans. The best thing to do when first trying the choose the best contract for your business is to go to a reputable comparison site.


The next stop will be your business phone carrier. Get an understanding of the amount of minutes and data you are going to use and then check the plans and packages against this. but before you do any of this make sure that the plan has the best reception cover for your business users whether it’s small or large.

Handsets; Android or Apple?

You can use your existing phones or get a package that covers new cell phones. Survey your staff to find out whether they are more comfortable and productive on android or apple platforms before working out the types of phones you will use. Maybe even have your staff go to a store and try the top phones out and give feedback on what they found the best.

Data usage

Are your employees heavy data users? Do they need to make lots of international calls? Do you need to look at wireless data packages? These are the questions you are going to need to ask and get answered honestly before working out the best package for your company.

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