XDA Developers released this Android Marketplace app. Download and install the APK. You will then be able to browse and download apps from Android marketplace.

This apk has been reported to work for several phones such as stock g2x, sgs2 2.3.4 , HTC Thunderbolt running CM7, evo running miui, and many others.

Try it out!

Download: [Update: vending.apk has been taken offline since many users reported errors after installation.]

15 Responses to “Android Marketplace”

  • epool86:

    not work, i manage to download vending.apk and installed it on my phone. but whenever i open it, it will force closed!

    im using htc tattoo, donut 1.6

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  • laricc:

    I’m with the same problem. I managed to install it, but it force close whenever I try to open it. Where did you get this stuff?

    HTC Tattoo, 1.6

  • emt training:

    This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I enjoy seeing websites that understand the value of providing a prime resource for free. I truly loved reading your post. Thanks!

  • Joe:

    I’m using a Pandigital tablet running Android 2.1 (root hacked). I am unable to install this package when executing “adb install Vending.apk”. I get the error message “Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_MISSING_SHARED_LIBRARY]“. Looks like there’s a library that’s missing. That might be the reason everyone else is failing to install.

  • Arabic:

    Market run and I can explore apps but download is not working

  • Mario:

    >adb install vending.apk
    736 KB/s (357284 bytes in 0.474s)
    pkg: /data/local/tmp/vending.apk

    Same error as Joe :-/
    doesn’t even say what library is missing.

  • Izzy:

    hey bro, first many thanks for all your efforts , i have downloaded the apk file, it actually works, and i can see the apps, but when i click to download it will have them ideal in my downlaads and wont actually download them at all…. can you help me ! thanks

  • Peter:

    will not install. VM Cruz, Eclair software

  • Dave:

    Pandigital Novel is a no go. Maybe if I root it?

  • RX:

    Hi ,
    All you need is root your android which you can find it from XDA forum ,
    then use a file manager like root explorer , then go to \sdcard\vending.apk
    then paste it to \system\app\vending.apk ( once you hit that app folder change the mount to R/W from R/O ) .
    then install it from there , and enjoy it .

  • saad:

    i have a galaxy ace, running froyo plus. wen i bought the phone, it dindnt have the android market so i tried installing the vending apk, it installed succesfully but whenever i open it, it says force close… can someone please help me out

  • cogra:

    “Applaction not installed” ………………………….. it says

  • Android:

    the reason you are not being able to download is because there is a well known bug on android were you have to associate your Google account with a phone,
    and since you tablet pc’s / phones are running a unauthorised version of android market it will not authorise your account.
    Google have been informed of this bug by many people, however i think that they have no intentions to fix it.
    hope this helps
    thank you.

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Android Tablets sometimes don't have access to the Android Marketplace. In this situation, the only way to load an application is manually. The idea behind this website is to give you a description and download link for Android APK files, and a method to install the software onto your Tablet.