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If you want to be entertained, we give you the best way to entertain yourself. Download our new Online Videos free app and watch all the latest videos online. Now you can enjoy right where you are. Let the fine HD picture quality give you an amazing video experience. Continue reading
Whoever thought Stickman can also play soccer. Well, they can. Check out this stickman soccer game. I guarantee you, the animation will make you laugh. Since this is a stickman game, it means there is less drag on the mobile device. Expect smooth animation. Conquer the World Cup! Continue reading
The concept of this game is excellent. It's simply and easy to understand. Your friend has been kidnapped. Now, your goal is to rescue him as the stickman (the main character in this game). This game requires a little thinking to solve the puzzling scenario. A good mind teaser. But it's better that you play this on a tablet as the game requires touching the right spots. That's harder to do on a phone. Enjoy! Continue reading

Flash player has just been officially updated on the 28th of March. Reason for update? To keep Adobe Flash up to date with the latest Android 4 supported devices. The reviews are mostly positive so far. It’s supposed to work… Continue reading

Your Google Account is getting more and more precious as you use more of Google’s services. One account login, and you can access a slew of services – Gmail, Analytics, Google Play, etc. So you definitely don’t want your passwords… Continue reading

Tired of high SMS charges? Now you can use What’s App to send messages from your Android Phone without having to incur high SMS charges. Many carriers charge on a per sms basis. They have a base number for you… Continue reading

So you’ve been downloading and using tons of apps from the Android Marketplace. How about creating your own Android apps? You may be stumped by the complicated coding required to create Android apps. But not anymore. There is a way… Continue reading

Commonly quoted as one of the best text editor in Market. Maybe that’s because it’s free. It does come with some really neat features though. Supports all sorts of character codes. This is a MUST for those who work with… Continue reading

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Android Tablets sometimes don't have access to the Android Marketplace. In this situation, the only way to load an application is manually. The idea behind this website is to give you a description and download link for Android APK files, and a method to install the software onto your Tablet.