Please note that DOOM is not available as a free android game. If you are playing the free version, it infringes on copyright of the owners.

You can, however, own a legitimate copy for a very very small fee (like $2).

Download Doom from android market.

Download: Doom.apk

5 Responses to “Doom”

  • frank:

    it wont let me install. on astro i click doom apk open app managerbut nothing shows o.O

  • shashi kant:

    very good for android

  • Mike:

    Looks like the project has been taken down at Google for copyright infringement (at least for the moment). The APK installs fine. Ive copied my own licensed doom.wad into the doom directory and renamed it doom1.wad but it throws a missing file error (flashes up too fast to see).

    Was looking forward to this!

  • todaki:

    thanks to your post and file.

  • Zombie20:

    1. It installed OK from APK.
    2. When I ran, it gave an error of auto or manual install menu.
    3. There was this doom front page on the screen but no options or keys were working.

    Any insight?

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