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Flash player has just been officially updated on the 28th of March. Reason for update? To keep Adobe Flash up to date with the latest Android 4 supported devices. The reviews are mostly positive so far. It’s supposed to work on ALL Android devices. So you can download it to your Android mobile smart phone, tablets, etc. There is a concern flying around though – that Adobe Flash Player consumes too much resources. Reviewers have posted that this isn’t true. Is it true? Test it out for yourself. My guess is that users use their smartphones to view videos. And as you know, videos are RESOURCE intensive. They require the CPU and graphics to be running for the videos to play smoothly. That’s why the phones get hot when watching vids. And then they blame it on Adobe Flash, which is just an application. In any case, Flash is a must-have for all Android Users, so any updates is worth posting.

Adobe Flash Player 11

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