You are going to need this if you don’t have YouTube installed on your android device. It will help to detect all youtube videos while you are surfing the Internet. You may then play the video by itself and go to the site. A must have for all android owners. Can’t seem to do without it.


Latest version: 2.2.16

Download: YouTube.apk

3 Responses to “YouTube”

  • necesito ver videos de you tube en mi celular

  • jolardy:

    :D awesome app, came with my chinese remake of the xoom, and its so much quicked even tho it takes ages to load a video of the same size on my PC its smoother on the tablet :D Get it whenver you can

  • Lacombe:

    Bonjour, merci pour m’avoir aidé a débloquer Youtube. Aurais-tu une solution pour débloquer Megavidéo ou Vidéobb ? Merci d’avance :)

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