Android APK – download applications OTA (over the air) to your Android device that doesn’t have marketplace.

I have a hankering for tablets. I purchased a BenQ S6 awhile back and have been so enamored with it that I started doing research on other tablets as well. During that time, I was testing out Android on my home computer, and found it to be fairly easy to use and visually much nicer than WinCE. The number of Android apps worldwide just recently crossed the 50,000 mark threshold, making it attractive alternative to the smartphone/mid operating systems out there.

Anyways, the whole point of this is the fact that I discovered Android and cheap tablets at the same time, and I think that this is going to be the year that they make a big impact. My goal is to find a sub $200 tablet that sports 3G networking, can play youtube and access facebook, twitter, and any other social networking site I can throw at it, as well as play video at a respectable framerate and be able to double as a media player or ebook reader if and when I need it.

While on my search for the cheapest tablet that does what I want it to do, I realized that most don’t have access to the Marketplace – either due to licensing problems or because they just don’t come with it installed. In the end, I started this site to help out users such as myself that need access to applications, and also want the ability to download them through wireless (or other) connections, directly to their device.

I do not endorse the applications provided in this blog, I simply provide links to them. I’m not responsible for the content or usage of the applications.

If you are an Android app developer and you see an app published here and would like it to be removed, please contact us. We would be happy to work with you to get things sorted out.

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