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Android Market is Now Known As Google Play

Getting used to downloading apps at Android Market? Well, Android Market is now known as Google Play. Why the new name? And what’s new at Google Play? Apparently, it’s Google’s attempt to consolidate all Android downloads in a single location. Previously, you can only download apps from the Market Place. Now, with Google Play, you can download movies, songs, ebooks, etc, all in a single location. How’s that for convenience?

Plus, Google Play utilizes cloud technology, which means that downloads are exceeding fast regardless of where you are. Just for your information, cloud technology means that when you start a download, a location near you will be selected so that you can access the files quickly.

Let’s not forget, we are in the web 2.0 age – it’s the age of SHARING. So sharing is naturally integrated in Google Play. Look forward to being able to share music and online experiences with your friends via Google Plus.

Google Play
Google Play

How about downloading your first free game from Google Play?


Update: Here is the APK download for Google Play – Dropbox public download.