One Finger Death Punch

A rather fun and entertaining game that can be downloaded as an android apk. Nice graphics with great sound effects. There are a few complains about the app. crashing though. If you can look past that, you’ll be having hours of fun. Instead of using just weapons (and more weapons) to blast baddies, this game …

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Police Dog Chase; Thief

Super fun game with super high reviews. Great for both adults and kids. It’s a free game, so have fun with it! Police Dog Chase Police Vs Thief or Robbers Chasing by dog is most amazing action/racing/thriller/mission-ed based game with lot of fun . Crazy Police dog is in crime city to chase criminal gang. …

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Math Master

Do you think you are good at maths? Math Master – a simple and cool game to improve your math skills. This game will test how fast you are in answering math questions. play once a day to improve your math skills and brain performance. How to play 1. You have 60 sec to answer …

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MEGA Crosswords

MEGA Crosswords is an ideal application for all fans of such entertainment. Crosswords are generated randomly from an internal database of clues, so each new puzzle is unique. The gamestate is stored in memory, so you can always pause the game and return to it later. The user interface is designed for easy navigation in …

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HipBaby – Baby monitor

The main reasons to choose Baby Video Monitor – HipBaby: 1. Detection of movements of the baby. 2. Scale of the baby activity in the last minute (with the help of our innovative solutions you can choose the most suitable time for their deeds: cooking, going to the shower, etc.) 3. Improved stability, through the …

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Lollipop Jump Download

How high can a lollipop Jump? Jump, Jump and Jump as high as you can without letting the lollipop candy to fall ! In this epic jumping lollipop game , your goal is to rise as high as you can while avoiding touching the black bombs or going on the wrong direction More you going …

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Youtube Surf

Youtube returns tons of video from your search but you never have a chance to view many of them since manually clicking around is so annoying. You need a strong vehicle to travel through this amazing but huge world.
Youtube Surf enable you to “travel” around in Youtube automatically. It collects what you search and play them randomly one after another. You can either let it auto switch to next one for you or you can have full control by swiping right (next) or left (previous). You can also bookmark what you like to your playlist for later enjoyment.

Battery Charging Warner

BCW help you to Protect your Phone battery from Overcharging. It lets you to set alarm at particular charging level of Battery. It will display a warning message and will continuously play the Tone until you stop it or plug or unplug the charger or exit the app. Note: When you will put the phone …

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Droid Ram Optimizer

Accelerate the performance of your android phone with easy and light, you can control the memory and performance of your android phone quickly and easily This application was created with a simple to be easy to use in accordance with its function is accelerating android phone’s performance by turning off unused programs that can hinder …

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