Flash for Android 2.1 Download

Download the latest Adobe Flash app from Android Market. Without this app, Flash (SWF files) will appear as empty boxes in your android browsers. This app is free to download. Once installed, you can enjoy media rich content right away. Trackback: XDA Download: flash_for_21.apk

Android Marketplace

XDA Developers released this Android Marketplace app. Download and install the APK. You will then be able to browse and download apps from Android marketplace. This apk has been reported to work for several phones such as stock g2x, sgs2 2.3.4 , HTC Thunderbolt running CM7, evo running miui, and many others. Try it out! Download: [Update: vending.apk has …

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Please note that DOOM is not available as a free android game. If you are playing the free version, it infringes on copyright of the owners. You can, however, own a legitimate copy for a very very small fee (like $2). Download Doom from android market. Download: Doom.apk

xScope Pinch Multitouch Browser

This is the next generation web browser for android devices. It features: multi-tabs fast loading three way zoom takes screenshot ability to zip and email files support flash content Basically, it does everything that you can do on a normal desktop browser. Must download!           Download: xScope.apk


The screenshot apk for android seems to have disappeared from the Android marketplace. Many people are looking for it though. Here are some suggested screenshot apps for android (some free, and some paid). Your choice. There are both root and no-root screenshot apps available. Use it to take screenshots of your android phone. Geeksoft Screenshot …

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Got Zombies?

The Zombie Run! Zombie Finder is a tool for players playing the multiplayer zombine game. It can be used to find and display locations of all nearby zombies. This is a free game that is rather pointless. There is no clear goal, and it’s good for a few good laughs. Download this game if you …

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Do you know how well your Android phone is performing? You can use this utility to find out your phone performance. Softweg’s Benchmark android app can measure performance of 2D graphics, CPU, memory and file system. This app is available free of charge. Latest version 1.03 works for all android versions. Download: Softweg.Hw.Performance.Apk


Quick System Info is a useful utility that allows access to basic info for your Android device. This utility is especially useful when you want to install additional apps. You can see info such as CPU, memory, SD card type, current running processes and other installed apps. Download: QSystemInfo_1.4.3.apk

How to Install Non-Market Apps on Your Android Device

If you have an Android phone you’ve likely installed at least one app from the Market. It was an easy process: open the Market, find the app you’re looking for, tap it, then tap “Buy” or “Install”. But what if you want to install other applications? Read the full article after the break.