Blood & Glory Download 1.0.1 (Update 1.0.2)

Looking for some mindless swipe and slash game to play on your Android Device. Blood & Glory is here!

This game has all the features that avid gamers are looking for.

Awesome HD graphics

  • More gore than you can handle with all the action-packed slashing!
  • Lots of weapons and armor to choose from.
  • Learn and use special attacks and combos.

Gamers who have downloaded the game has nothing but good things to say about the game. One worry that gamers have about slashing games is that the game may run too slowly on a mobile device such as an Android phone. Fortunately, reports have confirmed that this game is able to run smoothly – even on a small mobile device.

Check it out.

It’s free. Be prepared for a 32MB download.


Blood & Glory APK Download