Mad Shoot

Mad Shoot Download 1.0.3

This is a relatively new game with adorable and cut graphics. The name of the game suggests a little bit of violence – fun violence though. You will be shooting at monsters that possess deceiving appearances. So it’s up to you to discern the good guys from the bad. This app. is so new that …

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Dungeon Raid

Dungeon Raid 1.2.5

Dungeon Raid sounds like the name of some RPG game. But it isn’t. This is a puzzle-type game. Well, actually, it’s more of a puzzle RPG game. It has all the characteristics of a traditional RPG game. You get to fight back enemies (in the form of skull tiles) and get points. As you go …

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Drive With Zombies 3D

Drive with Zombies 3D 1.7

This is an extremely fun and addictive game. Most racing games involve racing and car upgrades. This one is different. As you drive through obstacles, you also get to shoot at zombies. Hence the name, drive with zombies. Game play is simple enough. Tilt to steer your car, and tap to shoot at zombies. The …

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Angry Birds 2.0.2

Angry Birds 2.0.2

Angry Birds is a fun game for everyone. It’s challenging and exciting too. Too bored while waiting for someone at the cinema? Get your Android phone out with a swish and start playing Angry Birds. Don’t feel angry that your friend is late. Once you start playing, you will start wishing that your friend doesn’t …

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Snakes Ladders Download 1.3

Everyone knows this game. If you haven’t played this game before, you haven’t been a child. All children LOVE this game – Snakes & Ladders. The game concept is simple. Players roll a dice in order to proceed. The guy that gets to the destination first wins. Simple right? Well, not quite. There are snakes …

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Ice Breaker! 1.0.2 Download

This is a physics puzzle game that is a rare find on Android market. Use bombs to destroy ice structures on your screen. Destroy not just the structure – bomb everything! This game received a relatively high rating (4.3) since its launch, and so far, reviews gear towards the positive. Comes with awesome graphics and …

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