Download Drag Racing 1.1.6

The holiday season is just round the corner. It’s time to load up your android devices with fun and addictive games to keep yourself occupied! This is a popular game – Drag Racing – that requires more planning than eye hand coordination. In drag racing, there are no sharp corners and no drifting. Everything is …

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Please note that DOOM is not available as a free android game. If you are playing the free version, it infringes on copyright of the owners. You can, however, own a legitimate copy for a very very small fee (like $2). Download Doom from android market. Download: Doom.apk

Got Zombies?

The Zombie Run! Zombie Finder is a tool for players playing the multiplayer zombine game. It can be used to find and display locations of all nearby zombies. This is a free game that is rather pointless. There is no clear goal, and it’s good for a few good laughs. Download this game if you …

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