Google Autenticator

Google Authenticator 2.15

Your Google Account is getting more and more precious as you use more of Google’s services. One account login, and you can access a slew of services – Gmail, Analytics, Google Play, etc. So you definitely don’t want your passwords to be stolen. Unfortunately, account information is often stored loosely on mobile phones, which presents …

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Jota Text Editor

Jota Text Editor 0.2.06

Commonly quoted as one of the best text editor in Market. Maybe that’s because it’s free. It does come with some really neat features though. Supports all sorts of character codes. This is a MUST for those who work with text very often – e.g. webmasters, web developers, programmers, etc. A text editor can be …

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Floating Image

Floating Image 3.4.14

Tired of your static wallpapers? How about a live one with actual moving images on your Android phone? Floating Image app can do just that. It can float images from your favorite sites such as Facebook or Picasa across the screen. Looks really beautiful when you pick your best images. You can pick images of …

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CPU Control

CPU Control [ROOT] 1.2.1

Finally, an app that supports OC and UV – overclocking and UnderVoltage. What does OC and UV do for you and your phone? Overclocking allows your phone to run at a faster speed. UnderVoltage saves on power consumption, which leads to longer battery life. REQUIREMENTS: -Android 2.1+ -ROOT -Kernel which supports Overclock and UnderVoltage(only if …

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Kaiten Email

Kaiten Email 1.218

Need an application to manage your email? Many people have numerous email accounts. So it’s getting harder and harder to manage all these accounts using a single mobile phone. Some are web based, other accounts are POP, IMAP based etc. So how do you manage a dozen emails using one device? You can use something …

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My Profiles

MyProfiles 2.4.2

The Android Phone is a highly personal device. You can, of course, choose to tweak and customize this device by rooting it and gaining access as a superuser. However, not everyone wants the hassle of rooting a device and tweaking everything. Some just want the easy way out. MyProfiles is here to the rescue. You …

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