Download Drag Racing 1.1.6

The holiday season is just round the corner. It’s time to load up your android devices with fun and addictive games to keep yourself occupied!

This is a popular game – Drag Racing – that requires more planning than eye hand coordination.

In drag racing, there are no sharp corners and no drifting. Everything is down to speed.

If you get your launch timing right, you stand to win the race against a competitor. You can choose to race offline, or online against pre-recorded races.

In the game, you need to earn cash as well as respect points. Only the online races give you respect points. You also earn RP from bonuses.

Once you have enough money and RP, you can upgrade your car. When you car is fully upgraded, you can even tune it to perfection.

Ready to start your engines?

Note: This is a free download. Download from Android Market.

Warning – Super addictive!