Frontline Commando Download 1.0.1

Finally! A high quality 3rd person shooting game is now available free for Android devices.

Frontline Commando is developed by Glu Mobile, and if you have played their games before, you know that they will be trying to make you spend real money to buy in-game stuff like weapons, medkits, etc.

Of course, they need to make money to stay profitable to continue making great and fun games. So support the game by making purchases if you can afford it.

If not, you can always enjoy the game with its stunning graphics for free. Even if you can’t get the best of everything in the game, you can still have fun.

It’s a 28MB download, with lots of action, shooting, explosions and violence.

If you enjoy action movies, I bet you’ll enjoy Frontline Commando. You get to play around with sniper rifles (get head shots for instant kill), rocket launchers (wow…blow things up) and more.

And hey, if you had a bad day at work or at school, just imagine the enemy at the end of your sniper scope as your boss or teacher. Just just fire away for that head shot! (Very evil…but it makes you feel better).

Have fun!