Google Autenticator

Google Authenticator 2.15

Your Google Account is getting more and more precious as you use more of Google’s services. One account login, and you can access a slew of services – Gmail, Analytics, Google Play, etc. So you definitely don’t want your passwords to be stolen. Unfortunately, account information is often stored loosely on mobile phones, which presents security risks. With this app, known as Google Authenticator, you can add an additional layer to protect your login details. Instead of just one step login, there are now 2 steps verification for logins coming from your mobile phone. Supports multiple accounts and multiple languages.

Google Autenticator
Google Autenticator

What’s in this version:

  1. New entry for Google Play, same great app
  2. Updated look and feel
  3. “Scan barcode” and “Manually add account” options moved to Menu > Add account.