How to Download APK Files from Google Play Directly

Ok, so you have fallen in love with an app or game and it’s working flawlessly for you. But you are afraid you may change smartphone and lose your apps/games. So what do you do?

You can download and backup the APK files. Sometimes, you just need those APK files for some reason (e.g. Google Play is broken, you need an older version, etc…).

There are a few ways that you can download the apps directly from Google Play marketplace.

This are a couple of simple methods.

Method 1: Online APK downloader.

Use this APK downloader from your web browser:

Simply enter the app ID and you’ll be able to download the APK file.

Online APK Downloader
Online APK Downloader

Method 2: Chrome APK downloader.

If you are using Google Chrome, it has an extension that allows you to download APKs directly from Google Marketplace.

Here is the direct link: Install Chrome Extension for Downloading APKs