Ice Cream Sandwich Theme Download 1.4.1

Android 4.0 is known as Ice Cream Sandwich. You can now customize the look of your Android phone with this free app.

The app will allow you to change the look of your app launcher to look like Ice Cream Sandwich design.

The key feature of this app. is that it replicates the Ice Cream Sandwich design without much complications. In other words, it’s just simple design changes. Only the icons and wallpapers that are meant to be modified are changed. The app doesn’t mess with the rest of your phone.

Upon installation, the first thing you will notice is that the dock area has changed. This is the chance to “fool” your friends into believing that you have gotten the latest version of Android installed.

Tell them you have Android 4.0 and then SHOW your phone to them. They’ll be begging you to tell them how to get the update.

Then, just laugh and give them the URL of this website –