Jota Text Editor

Jota Text Editor 0.2.06

Commonly quoted as one of the best text editor in Market. Maybe that’s because it’s free. It does come with some really neat features though. Supports all sorts of character codes. This is a MUST for those who work with text very often – e.g. webmasters, web developers, programmers, etc. A text editor can be used to modify code quickly. It even allows customization, which is neat for those control freaks. It’s obvious that the developer spent a lot of attention on functionality. So expect it to work great. The only complains about this app. is cosmetic – doesn’t really matter if you are concerned about functionality.

Jota Text Editor
Jota Text Editor

What’s in this version:

  1. [2012/02/05 v.0.2.06]
  2. added def-files for Syntax Highlight.
  3. Python by Benjamin Longuet
  4. Updated Korean resources. (Thanks to Noah!)
  5. Added font size up to 200.
  6. fixed minor bugs.
  7. Released Spell Checker Extension!
  8. Search ‘Jota’ from Android Market.