Manga Searcher | Read Manga on Android

In today’s post, we recommend a free app on Google Play that allows you to search and read Manga on your Android device. If you stop reading Manga because it’s too time consuming to download new stuff, this app will make it convenient for you to download Manga.


“MangaSearcher” can help you Search & Read Manga.
Read Over 10000 manga on your Android phone or tablet.

Support 10 manga server.

Better download speed.

Larger manga database.

– Search manga with a keyword.
– Download manga to SD card.
– Read manga offline.
– Delete manga in SD card.
– Bookmark last read page.
– Fling on the pages and Pinch zoom.
– Lock Image in Auto, Partrait or Landscape mode.
– Volume up/down to control page next/prev.