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MyProfiles 2.4.2

The Android Phone is a highly personal device. You can, of course, choose to tweak and customize this device by rooting it and gaining access as a superuser. However, not everyone wants the hassle of rooting a device and tweaking everything. Some just want the easy way out. MyProfiles is here to the rescue. You can install this paid app., and create unlimited profiles. Within each profile, you can have different settings. This is a great app. because it allows you to use the phone with different profiles (i.e. settings) without having to meddle with advanced tweaks.

My Profiles
My Profiles

What’s in this version:

  1. 2.4.2
  2. Add “Polling mode” in preference to detect the location changes when the device is in sleep mode.
  3. For ICS devices, provide an more accurate way to decide whether to merge ringer and notification volumes.
  4. We found that “Favorite” is not a standard contact group, so we remove it from exception contact group.