Remote Web Desktop

Remote Web Desktop 5.7.6

So you are at home in front of your personal desktop and someone keeps messaging you on your mobile phone? What do you do? You find it annoying because you will have to pick up your phone and reply to all that messaging you are receiving. With this remote web desktop, you can easily control and manage your mobile phone as long as you have an Internet connect (e.g. wifi or 3G or LAN). Everything is web based on the desktop, so there is no client to download. You may then reply all those messages using a comfortable desktop keyboard, install new apps, new software, etc. Paid app, but very useful.

Remote Web Desktop
Remote Web Desktop

What’s in this version:

  1. # 5.7.6
  2. ✔ Fixed a Call log bug.
  3. ✔ Added color change to battery icon.
  4. ✔ Use rotation 90 CW instead of the landscape/portrait switcher.
  5. ✔ Changed the default wallpaper.
  6. # 5.7.5
  7. ✔ Added call log in contacts window.
  8. ✔ Added a battery icon on task bar.
  9. ✔ Fixed Webcam bug on Android 4.0.3.
  10. ✔ Disabled auto logout.