Spelling Sea Download 1.0.1

This game can improve your child’s spelling. Unlike many other Android games, this one actually encourages your child to use his or her brain.

The game starts with the player submerging into the Sea (hence the name).

Bubbles will start to appear with alphabets in them. The player will then need to form words by connecting the bubbles together.

This game is obviously targeted at the young audience. Mature adults can still player this game if you just want to have a little bit of stress-free fun.

It’s a very new game at the point of writing. I got to know of it from Tamas, the developer of the app.

The contains dictionaries of over 8 languages, with each language containing over 50k words. How about that for a challenge?


**warning! This game may make you look stupid in front of your boyfriend or girlfriend. So if you are poor at spelling, play this game in public at your own risk!