TD Tower Defense

If you like Tower Defense game, here is a new one, available for free.

This APK is submitted by Joy, from Mangolee Production. The game combines RPG and tower defense game play based on the Three Kingdoms.

It has received good reviews so far. Do check it out. I know I will.

English Description:
One of the best empire td tower defense games on Android. Nice twist on TD tower defense with well-thought RPG elements. Give it a shot and you won’t regret it.
Be the best defender of castles in Three Kingdoms. Play online game “Empire TD Tower Defense, show the power of your towers, use your wisdom, tactics and strategy to conquer the territory. Be the king of the battlefields!
Empire td Tower Defense focuses on generals developing and hero skills upgrading. Players are challenged daily by enemies, fighting with the sword, guns and turrets. Featuring 16 different generals and 18 soldiers with super skills, td tower defense gives all defense lovers many hours of exciting battles.
Boasting offline game story mode and online game arena mode, td defense offers you real and unique td PVE and PVP experience.

Game features:
1. Real and vivid storylines of 3 kingdoms;
2. Good blend of maze tower defense and leveling up system;
3. Wide selection of generals, heroes and soldiers;
4. Great graphics, smooth game flows;
5. Online mode: “ Arena”: Compete with real players;
6. Offline mode: “Stories”: various battles to win free crystals
7. Players each day will receive a variety of gifts! Seven days a week with seven different prizes!
8. Best mobile td defense game of your choice

TD Tower Defense
TD Tower Defense


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