Astro File Manager

Update Android Apps with ASTRO File Manager

With any Android device, there are two categories of software that you can download. The first is firmware. Firmware is released by your manufacturer. So updating Android depends on how and when your manufacturer decides to release an update. Also, there are different ways to get updates – e.g. over the air updates or using USB cable. Usually, you will receive notifications when a new update is available. Alternatively, you can check the manufacturer website to see if there are new updates available.

As you use your Android device, you will start to own more and more applications – games, utilities, etc. The more apps you own, the harder it is for you to manage these apps. There is a built-in apps manager in the Android device. But sometimes, the features are just not powerful enough. What you need is a really good File Manager that you can use to manage apps – backups, updates, task killers, all-in-one.

A good free file manager is Astro File Manager. You can backup apps, update apps, kill tasks using this free application. Download it in Android Market.

Astro File Manager
Astro File Manager

What’s in this version:

  1. Version 3.1.1:
  2. 3.1.288 is a bug fix release. Several minor bugs were fixed.