Vibration Notifier APK Download

This is a simple but very useful little app. When you phone rings or vibrates, you sometimes miss the calls or messages because you are busy with something. Then when you come back to the phone and pick it up, you noticed that you misses x number of calls and y number of messages.

This app will remind you that you have missed calls by vibrating every X minutes (you set the timing within the app). That way, as long as you are around the phone, you won’t miss important phone calls for too long. Many people don’t return calls simply because they don’t know their friends or family members have called them. And they sometimes return calls only when they see the calls the next day. What if these calls are important? What if a quick response is required? Here is where vibration notifier comes in.

You can also set the number of times you want the phone to vibrate. This is useful because you don’t want the phone to be vibrating all day long infinitely and sapping battery power. By limiting the number of times the phone vibrate, you can save energy and the battery won’t run out so quickly.

This app was first published on XDA forums.

Download it here: