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WhatsApp Messenger 2.7.3581

Tired of high SMS charges? Now you can use What’s App to send messages from your Android Phone without having to incur high SMS charges. Many carriers charge on a per sms basis. They have a base number for you to use, and this number depends on your mobile plan. Exceed this number, and you start having to pay for SMS messages. The more friends you have, the more messages you send, and the higher the cost. When the bill comes, you may be in for a shock! To avoid this, use What’s App. This is an Instant Messenger that works in a similar fashion as Skype or other instant messengers. You can’t make calls with it, but anyone with this app installed can send and receive messages. You can even see who has the app just by viewing your address book. Then simply add them and start sending your messages!

What's app
What's app

What’s in this version:

  1. Version 2.7.3581
  2. Critical bug fix for Samsung devices that would “lose” their registration
  3. Notification coloring bug fix for Ice Cream Sandwich devices.
  4. Version 2.7.3346
  5. Improved memory utilization and performance
  6. Improved notification display for Ice Cream Sandwich devices
  7. Improved group notification to be less overwhelming
  8. Miscellaneous bug and crash fixes
  9. Version 2.7.2634
  10. Updated localization and translation for many languages
  11. Crash fix related to image media send / receive