Zappy Bird – Flappy Bird Alternative

Heard of the Flappy bird game? This is not it.

This is ZAPPY Bird. So far, it has reviewed nothing but positive comments.

Dare to take the challenge? Free download.

Ever wished you could give that irritating little flappy bird a whack? Well now you can!

Zappy Bird is an addictive entertaining game that’s simple to play, but difficult to master. Fire energy bolts at Zappy to earn points and progress to the next level.

Collect fruit and treasures along the way to earn bonus points. Zap special power tokens to take control of the game and build high scores.

Use the sky tiles to redirect your energy ball, earning higher and higher points by striking Zappy Bird via multiple ricochets.
What begins as a simple exercise in striking Zappy Bird, quickly evolves into a game of strategy and coordination as you strive to build a high score. Collect increasingly valuable treasures and wait for that ideal time when you can strike Zappy Bird using multiple ricochets, boosting the value of your collected items as they’re added to your bonus pot.

Skilful use of your special tokens will see you truly master this game and elevate your status ranking to new heights!
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